Saturday, 3 March 2012

Person who touched me

 The Chan family stayed in a squathers area. Mr Chan likes to drink liqour and jobless. All his money spend on liqour. As the result , his wife and children are pale becouse they eat poor food. They live on porridge and living from hand to mouth. Their house was old tumble down house that housed seven of her siblings. Stench from the drain made me nauseated.

 Mr Chan always throw bottles trought his window and made noise after drinking. After he drunk he will shout and sing and awakens other neighbours. Recently, after Mr Chan get drank he let out his furious by beating his children and breaks all the things and behave like wild animal. All his neighbour dare not to do anything although they felt pity with Mrs Chan and her children.

 If his liqour had finish, he will ask his wife for money. Mrs Chan did not gave Mr Chan money. Then, Mr Chan will beats her up until Mr Chan get blue and black on her face. When the quarell broke out their childern started crying and shouting.

 Finally Mr Chan vomits becouse he was too drunk and dirties the house. Mr Chan lies down on the floor and snores like a pig. Usually, after Mr Chan was too drunk he will sleep until the next day. Mr Chan face this situation clamness. Poor Mrs Chan, she suffered. She has to clean up the place that Mr Chan vomits and has to clam down her children. She always worried about money. Her neighbour felt sorry of her and and gave her money to buy foor for her children. Mr Chan did not know that his neighbour gave some help to Mrs Chan becouse he sleeps like a log.

 Mr Chan and Mrs Chan have pretty daughter. Her name is Rosy. She has fair complexion and her eyes like lapiz lazuli. She is tall and lanky. When he blush she showed a rosy cheek. Her lips rosy like soft petal and she has dimple on her cheeks. Rosy is my classmate. Altought she is poor but she always get flying colours in her examination.

 It was a Saturday night fever for Rosy, when she get flying colours in her exam. Usually Rosy when to club, enjoy , meeting with her boyfriend and had some liqour to let her hair down. They went to disco near by and dance untill morning. Her parents do not know that she went out.

 At the crack of down, then started to move. Suddenly, someone grabbed Rosy , her boyfriend see red. A fight broke out, the club turned into chaotic situation. Someone hthrew the glass and smashed the glasses. Form far, The siren could be heard, the condition was helter and skelter, Rosy and her boyfriend managed to escape, they felt so relieved bit trhe dispute was not settle.

 As they pass the junction, they saw that guy. They challenge Rosy's boyfriend at the 5kilometer race. Rosy's boyfriend took the challenge. he was leading his underlined began torush, Rosy hold her boyfriend on tight.

Upon reaching the corner, They lost control and they pass out. When Rosy opened her eyes, she yelled for help. Fornutely, T was there. I call the ambulance and told Rosy the ambulance will came in about 10 minutes.

 When Rosy opened her eyes. She felt pain on both of her lower limbs, I call the doctor and the doctor said that they had removed Rosy right knee and some of the bone just above and below that joint. Then they fused Rosy thightbone to the shinbone centrimeters into both bones. As a result, Rosy can no longer bend her right leg becouse she did not have a knee.

 Sometimes later, they took Rosy back to the operating room and gave Rosy anaesthetic. As the slipped into unconcsciousnes, Rosy din not kown waht the doctor had done to her. She only kew that she was no longer in pain.

 It was a fine evening, when I was alone. I felt so bored and I stroll to get fresh air. I saw , the girl that have has lapiz lazuli eyes , and the most prettiest girl that I ever seen , now sat on the wheel chair.